1st Apr 2018

Start with the Art if you can, it is the best way to begin. Well chosen art and carefully chosen antiques can be the longest lasting investments in your home. Use Art to create an atmosphere, set a tone and mood. Art will tell all who enter your home a great deal about you, your interests and your passions. Good Art can be found from all periods, all sizes, all shapes, colors and attitudes. Buy art that will delight you every time you look at it. Find the work that looks wonderful everywhere that can be used in any room so it will move with you and be a satisfying longterm investment. Or go for the gusto of the grand gesture, throw it all out there and buy that gallery sized painting you absolutely love, you won't regret it.

Antiques give soul and character to a home. They enrich it by adding depth, both visual and intellectual. The rich design vocabulary created by the use of beautiful bespoke furnishings add a history, an air of sophistication and elegance. Objects which have stood the test of time add an assured sense of value. They can blend together with other period pieces, stand alone in a more modernist way or mix with other varied periods to create a completely unique timeless space completely your own.

Mixing periods is one of the best ways to create longevity in your interior design. Bridging the gap, making the successful connection between objects can be achieved by playing up their likenesses, color, line, shape, or differences. A long striking antique bench with its graphic repetition of linear spindles can be coupled with a very small modernist painting, hung above it with lots of room around it to breathe. The open space becomes part of the modernist mood but also reflects back to a Shaker ideal. A pair of Mies chairs with their silvery chrome geometry and a beautiful blue upholstery can look stunning with a large colorful 19th Century English landscape behind them or a French 20th century portrait of a beautiful curvy woman with greenery around her. They are bound together by the colors, the lines or the mystery created by seeing the chairs within the unexpected landscape.

Something in your home needs to make a statement. Whether its the quiet dignity of an 19th Century Dutch Armoire, a Pair of Antique Continental Portraits, a grouping of Vanity Fair Spy prints handsomely framed or a crystal chandelier from the early 20th century. The source of drama can also be the juxtaposition of dramatically different objects. A Mid-Century Wassily chair and an oversized modern painting by a current graffiti artist might be set next to an art deco side table topped with a vintage hula lamp. Something needs speak. In the same way something needs to sparkle and reflect light, like an antique mirror, a contemporary metal lamp or a pair of hand made glass candle sticks. Great pieces like these can be found in the best antique shops all over America, like ours.

Please visit BORREGAARD of Peapack & Gladstone at 210 Main Street, where we pride ourselves in offering the most interesting selections of Antiques, Art, Furnishings and Curiosities. From an Impressive 19th Century English Mens’ Club Umbrella Stand to a Period English Dinner Gong to Fox Head Doorstops, Paintings by Nantucket Artist David Lazarus and Roy Bailey to Phoebe Brunner’s Amazing California Landscape, Women’s Tinsel Art, Period Drop Leaf Tables, Hitchcock Dining Chairs and so much more. We carry cool gifts as well smoking and drinking related necessities made in America and Europe.

All of our inventory has been hand selected by an ASID Allied Interior Designer with European Roots, American Pride and Degrees in Art History, Painting and Interior Design. You are most welcome, Please Come in for a Browse.