Considering Drawings

Considering Drawings

18th Apr 2018

Consider Drawings As a Way to Jump Into the Art Market. While A Rembrandt Painting Might Be Beyond Most People's Budget, A Small Rembrandt Drawing or Etching Might Be Affordable. Their Impact Can … read more
Buying Gallery Size Art

Buying Gallery Size Art

14th Apr 2018

Consider the wonderful impact of a large scale work of art. It immediately creates an environment within a space and readjusts the perspective of everything within the space. Gallery sized works speak … read more

Why Antique Staffordshire Spaniels Are So Sexy

12th Apr 2018

During the Whaling Days When Nantucket Was The Center of the World, Staffordshire Spaniels were Common Place in Whaling Captains' Homes. While Beautiful and Charming They Also Had a More Intriguing Us … read more


1st Apr 2018

Start with the Art if you can, it is the best way to begin. Well chosen art and carefully chosen antiques can be the longest lasting investments in your home. Use Art to create an atmosphere, set a to … read more