Alphonse Asselbergs Oil of Girls

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Oil on Canvas Attributed to Alphonse Asselbergs, Belgium 1839-1916 depicting a Brussels Park Scene. Signed indistinctly on the lower right. Beautiful work with two young women, one reading beneath a tree and the other standing with a little orange parasol. Very charming with nicely rendered trees, good movement throughout the work. Pleasing blues and greens in this lush setting with a nice sense of light in the foreground leading to the distant view. Back of work is an old label which is inscribed, 'LE CADRE / SOCIETE ANONYME / ANCIEME MAISON MANTEAU / 29 RUE DES DEUX EGLISES / BRUXELLES'. Beautiful gilt framing. From a Roxbury, Connecticut Collection. Restretched and relined with minor areas of inpainting throughout. Signature is indistinct and appears somewhat obscured when viewed under a blacklight.